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Maintenance and fine-tuning for your teeth

Like a car engine, your teeth have lots of different parts that need to be operating correctly for smooth, problem free performance.


Occasionally of course, things will require a little push in right direction to keep them fine-tuned and to prevent wider-scale problems later on down the line.

Repair and restore

If you have suffered from a cracked filling, lost a crown or chipped some of the enamel from one of your teeth, you will require a dentist to make good the damage.


Carden Place Dental Practice specialise in restorative dentistry to ensure your previous dental work stands the test of time and also to prevent any new problems from arising with your existing teeth.

We repair and restore:

• Crowns

• Fillings

• Dentures

• Bridges

• Braces


It is important that you contact us as quickly as you can if you believe you require restorative dental work. Carden Place Dental Practice also offer an emergency dentist service.

"If it's broken, we can fix it"

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