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Do you have poorly aligned bite (malocclusion)? Does your quality of life suffer due to your misaligned jaw? Do you require braces for your teeth?


Carden Place Dental Practice can help you with all of these problems.

Dedicated orthodontics service

We offer orthodontic surgery and consultations for patients of all ages. You may have lived with a misaligned jaw for many years before deciding to seek help, or you could be a parent of a child who could possibly require braces to correct crooked teeth.


Carden Place Dental Practice dedicate the same level of care and attention to detail to every patient that we treat, so you can always expect a personal yet professional service.

Our orthodontic procedures include:

• Iniitial consultations and examinations

• Diagnosis and treatment

• Brace fitting and maintenance

• Re-aligning of the jaw

• Re-aligning crooked, crowded and protruding teeth

"Our team of professional orthodontists are ready to help you"


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